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Space Blast

Space Blast

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Space Blast is a fast paced gamed based on the selection of 0 to 3 actions simultaneously by all players.

The board represents deep space with hexagons where up to 6 ships will be firing missiles or laying mines.

Every player gets, at the beginning of the game, a fixed amount of limited resources:
10 turns (left or right)
8 missiles
3 mines
2 brakes
4 ships (those tiles are stacked to represent the shield points of a ship)
All of those resources are hidden behind a small screen.

The goal of the game is simple : There can be only one left so you will have to eliminate all other ships with your missiles and mines.

Possible actions:
- turn right or left
- brake (prevent the ship to move)
- fire a missile
- drop a mine

Everybody then shows his selection of actions to be resolved in a specific order:

1. Turns (the ship turn of 1/6 of hexagon).
2. Every ship advances one hex (except if he chooses to brake).
3. All previously fired missiles advance 3 hexes.
4. Mine Layout.
5. New missiles are fired and advance 3 hexes.

All used action counters are then discarded and cannot be used again in the game.
The "shield" points are won by the players via a missile hit or the explosion of player's mines. Some can be lost also in the case of collisions.
If a player's ship goes off the board because he has no turn or brake left, he's eliminated but still can get points if the mines he had laid out explode.

The winner is the one who has the most points when only one ship is left on the board.

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