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7th Sea Black Sails - Special St. Rose Edition Combo Box

7th Sea Black Sails - Special St. Rose Edition Combo Box

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"The pirate's life for me," says ye?

COMBO BOX 5 x Starter Decks 8 x Booster Set Boxes
Still sealed in original shrink wrap.

Ye think it's all freedom and treasure and adventure, do ye? Heed, then. A pirate's life is fraught with danger... storm-ragged seas, hungry sharks and sirens, enemies with better cannon, bigger shot and more fearsome magic. And looming alwasy in the darkness of a sailor's nightmares... the unholy Black Freighter.

Pray ye see it only in yer dreams, lad. Come aboard and sail the Seven Seas of Theah, a world of swashbuckling and derring-do, noble sorcerers and secret orders of adventurers. Relics from ancient civilizations await discovery, while enemies of every stripe lurk just behind the next cove. A terrifying new faction joins the growing fray, ready to lend their steel to your cause - or sink you with all hands.

From Legion's pit it comes, piloted by the rotting hands of the damned. Its sails are black as the grave, its crew the bloated corpses of a hundred drowned pirates. The Black Freighter has risen from the halls of the dead; may Theus have mercy on the living.

This special expansion contains an all-new faction for the 7th Sea CCG - the haunted nightmare known as the Black Freighter. Players now have the opportunity to captain a crew of the undead, using any of over fifty new cards to send the living to the bottom. The seas of Theah will never be the same now that the Black Sails have been unfurled!

Join the ranks of Theah's most notorious sailors as they battle for control of the Seven Seas. Each booster pack holds 50 new cards to help you send your enemies to the bottom. The cannons are ready and the tiller awaits your hand: welcome aboard, captain.

The Booster Set Box contains all 50 unique Black Sails booster cards for the 7th Sea CCG.

New Captain, Ship and Letter of Marque cards can be found in the Black Freighter Starter Decks.

This Combo Box contains:
5 x Starter Decks
8 x Booster Set Boxes

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