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Kirby Genesis #1 (Ultra Rare Cover)

Kirby Genesis #1 (Ultra Rare Cover)

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The Kirby Event of the new millennium by the bestselling and award-winning creators of MARVELS Superstars Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross bring Jack "King" Kirby's creations to life in a way you'll never forget The Pioneer 10 space probe carried a message to the stars. Now an answer's on the way - but not one we expected When it arrives, the lives of three ordinary people - and the entire world - will be changed forever This is the beginning. This is THE Genesis Featuring Captain Victory, Silver Star, and more of Jack Kirby's greatest concepts, including characters never-before-seen in comics form The Kirby: Genesis TP collects issues #0-8 of the hit series, along with a complete cover gallery and tons of bonus material.

Ultra RARE Cover Version 1J

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